Barone's Weddings and Events
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Our Pleasanton wedding venue is also home to Pleasanton's biggest parties

Make Our Event Venue Your Destination!

barones patio venue can accomodate hundreds in style

Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, Barone's patio is truly a place to get away from it all. The lush Cypress trees and towering lighted palms transport you from your daily worries to a place where the only agenda is to have a good time. Once you've set eyes on the chandeliers hanging from our giant oak, you'll know you're in a different world where anything is possible. The grounds are dotted with plush cabanas, exquisite fountains and fully staffed bars so wherever your guests turn, there's something unique to see or do. By booking your event here, you can guarantee that what could have been an ordinary experience becomes something extraordinary.

One of a Kind Interior

Barone's is a one-of-a-kind location with a spectacular interior full of imported iron work, marble fireplaces and copper accents. Coupled with our dedicated staff, the ambiance will make your party sizzle and do it in a way that your guests have never experienced before. Take your occasion up a notch and book your next party with us. We've been exceeding expectations for over 15 years.

Service with a Personal Touch

Our staff and location is one of the most versatile in the entire Tri-Valley area. Here are just some of the events that we've handled in the past few years:

Birthday Parties

Nothing says celebration like a patio birthday party at Barone's. Invite all the friends and relatives to take part in the festivities – there's room for everyone. Bring the cake out center stage and get everyone in the celebratory mood with live music and dancing. We've got the right combination of food and atmosphere for everyone from two to two hundred. Party into the wee hours and never miss a beat with our servers catering to your every need.

birthday cake with candles


Coming of Age Events

The transition from adolescents to adulthood is a huge step in a person's life. Whether it's a cultural event like a Bar Mitzvah or Quinceanera or a celebration of reaching the legal drinking age of 21, we're the place to be.

Bar Mitzvahs/ Bat Mitzvahs

Our catering staff and world-class kitchen are fully versed in kosher meal preparation and service. You can be assured that your son or daughter will be celebrating the transition to adulthood with the regal flair that is rightly due.


Enjoy an evening under the stars to celebrate your daughter becoming a young woman. Couple this with a traditional Mexican or Italian feast to deliver a birthday celebration that she will never forget. The patio can even be fitted with an altar to perform a traditional thanksgiving mass.

21st Birthdays

Celebrate your 21st birthday by getting your first shot from our senior mixologist in the Barone's lounge. Then head out to the patio for an evening you'll never forget with live music and dancing for everyone.

School Functions

One of the most important social arenas in the world is school. Being able to wow your contemporaries is a sure way to get yourself remembered.


Booking a fundraising event at Barone's is one of life's no-brainers. Great food, impressive atmosphere and stellar service all come together to give your fundraiser the feel of a high-quality, luxury event. When your guests' taste buds tart sending endorphins cascading through their bodies, the money will start rolling in.

Holiday parties

Looking for a holiday party location that won't ruffle any feathers? You've found it. We have unique fare for every holiday and a distinctive Barone's take on the holidays. Our staff is always in a festive spirit and will make sure you, and your classmates, feel the same.


There's no better place to celebrate earning your diploma than in the Barone's main dining room. With our help, your friends and family will help you mark the occasion while indulging their taste buds with divine creations from our kitchen. Party into the night on the patio or retire to a small cabana for some quiet conversation.

We serve a wide variety of champagne, wine, and mixed drinks


Bringing a group of people together for a one-time event is one thing, doing it for an annual one is something altogether different. When it's your turn to play host or head the planning committee, check out our Pleasanton events venue. Barone's will leave an impression that will be hard for the next host to follow. 


Invite your relatives to enjoy a night of fine food and fantastic service in the most exquisite location in the Pleasanton area. We've hosted hundreds of family gatherings and know just what it takes to keep the night running smoothly. When you get your guests here, the rest of the night is guaranteed to be a success.

High School

High school reunions may not happen every year, but if you booked them at Barone's you'd wish they did. No matter how many alumnists you expect, we have the right size room and expansive menu to cater to them. Be careful though, you might end up as the committee chair every year!

Fraternity/ Sorority

If you want to rock the socks off your sorority or fraternity, throw a party on the Barone's patio. This is the ultimate party venue with a giant, chandelier filled oak tree, multiple cabana bars and live music. Our mixologists will be the talk of the school the next day with their unique and delicious concoctions.